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Mandolinist Marina Eckhardstudied at the Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg with Benny Ludemann. She graduated as both teacher and  soloist.

Her teacher, Benny Ludemann, the nestor of the classical mandolin in the Netherlands, was a great inspiration with his commitment, advice and great musicality, and greatly influenced her attitude to technical and musical aspects of playing the mandolin and music in general.

Marina is a well known teacher of mandolin and guitar and also director of several mandolin orchestras in her region.

She is very active in promoting the mandolin by giving workshops in primary schools, and also holds seminars on the instrument. Please talk to her about the possibilities.

Marina Eckhardt frequently plays in various chamber music ensembles, and collaborates not only with other mandolinists but also with players of other instruments like the accordion, guitar, piano and organ.

Four CDs - with accordion, guitar and pianoforte – are currently available. See “RECORDINGS”





photo: Jan van Dongen