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 Met pianist Christian Blaha

Duo Eckhardt/van Sleuwen - pianoforte and Duo Eckhardt/Blaha - piano

The 18th century is a flowering period for the classical mandolin.
Composers like e.g. Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Hummel and Hasse wrote for this beloved instrument. Not too surprising that the repertoire list is graced with a number of works from this important period for the mandolin.

Duo Eckhardt/van Sleuwen brings a sparkling program from the Vienna around 1800. Performed on historical period instruments or a historically build copy.
In 2007 the duo released a CD with works by Hummel, Beethoven and Hoffmann.


Audio samples Duo Eckhardt/van Sleuwen on the page "RECORDINGS" 

With pianist Christian Blaha the program contains also younger compositions performed on modern instruments.

Ad van Sleuwen (1950) studied at the Fontys Conservatory piano with Gérard van Blerk, Music Theory with Jan van Dijk and Organ with Hub. Houët. She followed classes by Luigi Tagliavini, Ewald Kooiman and Ton Koopman. Ad van Sleuwen is professor organ, history of music, historical interpretation and music theory at the Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg. He wrote several publications about organ historics and recorded a lot of CD’s. He give concerts all over the world. He forms a piano duo with the Russian pianist Jelena Bazova. Website:

Christian Blaha (1972) studied at the Fontys Conservatory composition and choral conducting with Alexandre Hrisanide and Louis Buskens. He also studied piano with Joop Albracht and Paul Komen. He followed classes orchestra conducting by Ed Spanjaard, Menachem Breuer, Alfred Reed, Martien van Woerkum and Romain Bischof.
He is active as a composer for Symfonical Orchestras, choirs and soloists. He conducts a professional chamber orchestra and choir.